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Octember 21, 2009

The car is back, no more smoking. Time to start the long break-in process again. My forst impression is that this thing rips with the new tranny gearing. The boost is turned off and the car still feels strong. I can't wait to see what this thing can finally do.

Octember 2, 2009

Ok, I just ordered a Garrett GT3076r and put my stuff up for sale.

September 20, 2009

Been a long time since an update. So this is going to be a long one, complete with old background info so you can appreciate the whole picture...

Dave at MSPT thinks I have a hex on me. No one in all of his years of modifying Subarus has seen half of the problems I have. And all of my issues are really a matter of crappy luck. Here is a history FYI (should be good for a laugh at least):

I bought an entire 03 JDM STI twinscroll setup from a buddy of mine locally with 5k miles on it. He had it in his car for 1500 miles before he rolled his car. The guy he bought it off of was a local aftermarket parts dealer who bought it new and had it in his car for 3500 miles before he blew his motor and went a different route. I then had it in my car for a year before blowing my motor on the dyno.

I then picked up a used STI motor. 9 months later it started to blow smoke and new the turbo seals were going. Mind you, this turbo still had about 15k miles on it. So I sent it to deabolt for an overhaul including porting, coating, upgrading the compressor wheel, and upgrading the actuator. Deadbolt sent me back a turbo with a used compressor wheel so I took pictures and emailed him. In the mean time we had installed the turbo. Immediately we heard a whining and then an oil pump went when something fouled the plunger. When Deadbolt got back to me he said someone on his end messed u bad and to send him the turbo back for inspection. It arrived at his shop destroyed in shipping and it was shipped without insurance (my shops fault). That was the 1st vf37.

So I bought a new vf37 from Rallitek in NJ. After installing it my motor had oil leaks and smoked all the time. I brought it to the shop on more that one occation, it would get fixed, and a few weeks later I'd see more smoke. 4 months after I bought this latest vf37 it was blowing smoke out the exaust again. Before I could get it back to the shop it dumped all of the oil out of my motor and I blew the turbo. We suspect the motor might have run too low on oil because of the constant leaking causing catastrophic damage to the turbo, which then blew the center cartridge and dumped all of the oil out. That was the 2nd vf37 in March of this year. And at that point we didn't know if the motor was ok.

I then bought a vf36 I am selling now with most of the upgrades done by Crucial with only 3500 miles on it. I put in on the car and within a few minutes we realized the motor was compromised. This is now April.

So I decided I might as well get a bomb-proof motor and build this car right. I ordered a Raw Performance motor with custom headwork. It took 8 weeks to get the motor back and while I was waiting I decided to send the turbo to Blouch for the wheel upgrade and order a JDM 6-spd.

When I got the turbo back and all of the supporting parts were at the shop we bolted everything onto the new motor to break it in. At that point (a few weeks ago) the car was blowing a ton of smoke again. We pulled the DP and found oil in it. New motor, fairly new turbo, what could be wrong?

So I sent the vf36 to Blouch to get everything looked at and inspected to make sure the turbo was good. He says there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, the seals are mint, and no shaft play at all. Mike over there suspects the new motor is the cause of the oil problems. Since the rings have not settled there is excessive crankcase pressure forcing oil past the turbo seals. I decided to save myself the headache and scrap the whole idea of ever getting a working twin scroll setup in my car.

Now I need another turbo setup and my wife is practically looking for a divorce with everything I have sunk in my car and all of the issues. :(


January - December 2006
January - October 2007
January - October 2008


picture galleries

Detail by Andrew at Big "A" Detailing
STI/Enkei Wheels & Toyo Proxes 4 Tires
Bilstein Pss9 Coilovers
Whiteline Camber Plates
LED Tail Lamp Bulbs
Dyno Results
STI Spec C Style Black Interior Trim
Retrofitted JDM Head Lamps
04 cluster & Prodrive Fogs 9/1/2007
Interior and Motor Work 8/25/2007
Wicked Big Meet 2007
New Interior and Exterior by UCC
NY Rally 2006
Bald Hill Meet
Vis CWII hood and NRG hood struts
Prodrive WRC UK300 headlights
Early Pics Page 1 | Early Pics Page 2

mods list


RAW Performance Track series 2.5L:
   - 2.5 Liter STi semi-closed deck case
   - Modified forged EJ257 crankshaft
   - Cosworth Main & Rod Bearings
   - Pauter 4340 Chrome-Moly Forged      Rods
   - CP Forged Pistons w/ Moly Coated      Skirts
   - High Performance Piston Rings
   - Fully Balanced & Blueprinted
   - 8,500 Rev Limit (currently set to 8k)
   - ARP Head Studs
   - Spec-C valve covers
RAW Performance STI Heads:
   - Brian Crower Stage 2 Camshafts      (Non-AVCS)
   - Ported & Polished
   - 3-angle intake & radius exhaust      valve job
ATP Garrett 3076r Turbo
JDM v7 6-speed transmission, non-dccd
JDM r160 rear with 4.11 gears
Koyo Radiator
Crucial Racing Thermostat
Forge Motorsports Aluminum Coolant    Header Tank
Forge Motorsports Aluminum Power    Steering Tank
Weapon-R aluminum overflow/washer    tank
Cobb Accessport 2
Apex-i AVC-R boost controller
GT Spec Gen III Equal-length header
GT Spec 3-bolt UpPipe
Turbo XS 4" DownPipe
Turbo XS racepipe
Turbo XS Midpipe
Turbo XS axleback
GrimmSpeed Ported Intake Manifold
GrimmSpeed TGV deletes
WBR500 Front Mount Intercooler
Black Powdercoated Intercooler pipes
Perrin short-ram intake
Perrin turbo inlet
Perrin Crank Pulley
Power Enterprises Timing Belt
STI Group N Motor Mounts
STI Group N Pitch Mount
STI Group N Tranny mount
DeatschWerks 650cc injectors
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
NGK Iridium spark plugs -stock temp
Samco Silicone Ancillary hoses
Act Stage 2 clutch
Act Streetlite Flywheel
Custom modded 10mm STI oil pump and    pick-up by RAW Performance
STI IC water sprayer kit
   (not installed yet)

Latest Estimated Power Numbers
400 whp / 450 wtq
Increase over stock:
+208.19 whp / +255.12 wtq



Bilstein Pss9 Coilovers
08 STI/Enkei Wheels and
Toyo Proxes 4 225/45/17
JDM STI wagon lower control arms
FHI 4-pot front calipers
FHI 2-pot Rear Brake Calipers
DBA 4000 slotted rear rotors
DBA 5000 slotted 2pc rotors
Goodridge SS Brake Lines
Hawk HP+ Brake Pads
Kartboy 2-pot RearBrake Bracket
Whiteline 22/24mm adj front swaybar
Whiteline 22/24/27mm adj rear swaybar
Whiteline front strut tower bar
Whiteline rear strut tower bar
Whiteline quick-release skewers
Whiteline camber plates
Whiteline Roll Center Kit
Noltec front endlinks
Perrin rear endlinks
Motul 600 Dot4 brake fluid
Energy Suspension Hyper-Flex kit
   - front control arm bushings
   - rear trailing arm bushings
   - shifter bushings bushings
   -2.25 deg front camber
   -1.0 deg rear camber



Smoked JDM headlights modded by LightWerkz
   - s2000 HID projectors
   - OEM Gen 2 Matsushita Ballasts
   - Phillips D2S Bulbs
   - Custom Wiring Harness
   - Chrome Amber Blinkers
   - 5 LED Indicator Bulbs
EDM/JDM STI Wagon Front lip
JDM STI Front Grille
JDM STI Blue Impreza "I" Badge
VIS CWII Carbon Fiber Hood
   painted sonic yellow
Painted Side skirts
Painted Mirror Pillars
Aerosync mudguards
Prodrive Driving Lights with 55w
   PIAA Yellow Ion Bulbs
OEM Sedan 3-piece rear lip
NRG polished stainless hood struts
JDM rear Impreza badge (red trim)
JDM rear WRX badge (red trim)
JDM rear STI Type RA badge
STI carbon fiber corner markers
Hella Supertones (118db) in parallel
   to the OEM horns... insane!
Extreme white LED reverse lights
Extreme white LED license plate lights
Rolled rear fenders
20% Tint

JDM STI wagon waist spoiler coming soon.



Complete STI Interior including
   front seats, rear seat covers,
   carpet, and chrome door handles
STI aluminum shifter trim (black)
All Black Plasti-Dip Trim
Black Carpet
Sparco Harness Bar
Sparco 4-pt racing Harnesses
Sparco shoulder pads
Spec C shift knob
Autometer gauge cluster bezel pod
Defi Blue Racer boost gauge
Defi Blue Racer oil pressure gauge
Defi Blue Racer EGT gauge
Defi Blue Racer water temp gauge
Defi Blue Racer volt gauge
ATI pod with blue face trim
2005 STI Gauge Cluster w/
   Blue LED mod
2007 Factory STI Limited Stereo
   with Sirius Satellite and AUX jack
   and Blue LED mod
Blue LED stereo mod
Blue LED HVAC mod
Blue LED cruise control button
Blue LED fog light switch
JDM Red Hazard Button
All weather mats
High-back racing kids seat
Auto dimming compass mirror

All black hatch area coming soon.


future upgrades


JDM STI wagon waist spoiler
Custom Oil Cooler kit



JDM STI non-DCCD 6spd tranny
Black Alcantara Interior
Newer wagon hatch area in black
Homelink Auto dimming compass mirror
Audio Inovations perfect-fit
   sub enclosure



September 26, 2008

Latest Estimated Power Numbers
400 whp / 450 wtq
Increase over stock:
+208.19 whp / +255.12 wtq

September 26, 2008

Power Numbers with STI ej257
298.6 whp / 351.5 wtq
Increase over stock:
+106.8 whp / +156.7 wtq

2003 WRX wagon STI swap ej257 with IHI vf37 twin scroll turbo on Dyno Dynamics sheet at NoLimit Motorsports - 298.6 whp - 351.5 wtq

September 28, 2007

Dyno pull after Enginuity, AVC-R and Catless DP at Stage 4
283 whp / 290 wtq
Increase over stock:

Pictures at No Limit Motorsports


March 14, 2007

Estimated Power after the twinscroll turbo install at Stage 4
260 whp / 275 wtq
Increase over stock:
+88.19 whp / +105.12 wt

February 5, 2007

G-tec test at Stage 2
Power at Stage 2
235.0 whp / 243.7 wtq
Increase over stock:
+43.19 whp / +48.82 wtq

June 25, 2005

Baseline dyno run (no mods)
Pampena Motorsports
191.81 whp
194.88 wtq


SCCA autocross events Spring 08. Check back for posted time slips.

1/4 mile

Coming to Englishtown Spring 08. Check back for posted time slips.


previous mods removed

Stock STI ej257 (blown)
IHI vf37 (blown)
IHI vf36 (PE 1825f clone, sold)
   - port, polished
   - Garrett GT2871R compressor wheel      (52 trim 44lb/min )
   - Upgrade wastegate actuator
Tomei Twinscrool DP
JDM twinscroll headers and UP
Prodrive 18" P1 Anthracite wheels
Khumo Ecsta SPT 225/40/18
Graphite WRX 16" Wheels (winter)
Bridgestone Potenze RE92
   205/55/16 (winter)
Utec with Remote Map Switcher
Prodrive Polished/Blue shift knob
Turbo XS Manual Boost Controller
Prodrive Triplus UK300 headlights
JDM twinscroll bell mouth downpipe
Koji headlights + silver signal bulbs
Zerosports grille
STi Mesh Fog light Covers
Bosal DP
Roof Rails
Sirius Starmate
OEM carbon fiber trim
Roof Rack and cross bars


for sale

2004 WRX Gauge Cluster w/
   Blue LED mod
Blue LED stereo mod to 2003 WRX radio
Freshly Painted Stock sonic yellow WRX front grill
Stock WRX gauge cluster
Aluminum gauge cluster trim
Faze EL Boost Gauge
Faze EL Temp Gauge
Faze Morpher (adj gauge colors)
Racing Dash black face overlays
Stock WRX Sonic Yellow hood and scoop


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